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Bring your visitors into the heart of your stories

Engaging storytelling
With VR you can take your audience to outer space, into the body, or simply to the places that are most ideal for conveying your stories. You can also offer virtual time-travel and give your visitors a sense-of-presence at significant historic events.

Superior message receptivity
When your visitors are in VR, you will have their undivided attention. They are cut-off from the noise of the surroundings, and they become very receptive to your messaging. 

Extraordinary experiences
VR is superior to any other media when it comes to creating emotional engagement. You can give your audience extraordinary experiences while effectively conveying your information. This makes VR a highly relevant tool for exhibitors and communicators. 

Our partners from Khora VR have recreated a significant historic event i VR for Museum Vestsjælland. Plug&Play VR is used to ensure the experience operates smoothly in their exhibition.


Key considerations
How to use VR in exhibitions.

1. Make content that fits the location
Take the physical location into account when designing your virtual experience. Consider how much space you can you allocate, and how many visitors you expect will try VR during a day. In general we advise you to keep your VR experience short and intuitive.

2. Staging and safety
The presentation of your VR experience should be visually appealing and coherent with the overall exhibition design. For safety and comfort reasons we always advise that your audience is allowed to sit down during the VR experience.

3. Security and durability
In busy environments, your need a robust and durable solution to protect the device against hard handling. Furthermore, VR devices may be subject to theft attempts and should be secured appropriately. 

4. Get your staff on board
Keep your staff involved early in the process, and aim for a self-operating kiosk solution that minimizes the efforts needed to support the users and manage the hardware.

5. Enable the side-effects
As VR is an innovative technology, it has proven very capable of generating press coverage. So, we recommend that you initiate proactive PR and social media activities to raise awareness of the virtual experiences in your exhibition.


At the Ecolarium, you can virtually follow the journey of energy from production to consumption.


At the Viking Foretress of Trelleborg, you can virtually travel back in time to experience a viking battle.

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