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About us
We are proud creators dedicated to deliver the best possible outcome of any concept and budget. 

From our base in Copenhagen, we help clients around the world build strong concepts, develop impactful virtual experiences, and maximize the impact through online and offline execution strategies. 

Consultancy services
We can help you identify strong concepts and shape impactful virtual campaigns. Our proven 3-dimensional framework, helps you evaluate all aspects of your VR project and build credible business cases.

Distribution solutions
Plug&Play VR is our contribution to the VR ecosystem! It is designed to increase the outcome of VR projects, by boosting reach and minimizing the cost and hassles related to distribution of immersive experiences. By removing the distribution barrier of location-based VR, we are on a mission to stimulate the (long-awaited) breakthrough of VR in marketing, retail and at museums and exhibitions.

If you want to learn more about virtual reality and what it can do for your business or brand, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Who we are


Morten Skovbo Holst
Founder and CEO

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Jakob Holst
Business Operations


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Nikolaj Petersen
Product Design

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