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Plug&Play VR is the missing link between content and audience.

With Plug&Play VR we bring you the world's first self-operating kiosk solution for immersive experiences. It is an add-on product that is available for the most popular VR devices on the market. This includes; Pico 3, Pico 4E, Pico Neo 3, Pico G2 4K, Meta Quest 2, and Oculus Go devices.

Cost per view VR - VRPRO - new_2x-8.png



If you already have VR content, we will source the needed VR device, mount Plug&Play VR onto it, and deliver a ready-to-play setup that is easy to mount on existing interior and stands.

We will handle the content installation and apply kiosk settings. If needed, we can also assist with a app platform solution for 360 films. Everything will be delivered ready-to-play.

Price from


(Excluding taxes and shipping)

Plug&Play VR - Ready-to-play - turn VR devices into self operating kiosks - Pico G2 4K

Plug&Play VR for Pico G2 4K*


This may be the ideal solution for VR content creators and communicators who prefer to source and install their own devices. The solution implies that your content is suitable to distributed without staff support, and that you can apply kiosk settings to the headset yourself.

We will supply instructions for mounting the Plug&Play VR mount kits onto your devices.    

Price from


(Excluding taxes and shipping)

Plug&Play VR - mount kit - turn VR devices into self operating kiosks - Pico G2 4K

Plug&Play VR for Pico G2 4K*


Let our team design and build a custom VR stand for your project! We can make it blend in or stand out while ensuring that it effectively draws attention to your VR experience.


Ready-to-play VR podium
Painted podium (30x30x90 cm) with branding in laser-cut acrylic. It features a storage space under the lid for safe transportation, and includes a Plug&Play VR setup. 

Price from  € 2.250,-

(Excluding taxes and shipping)

PlugNPlay VR - Podium with custom branding
Stands and staging
Dazzling Light


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