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A new dimension to your shopping experience

Bring you brand to life
VR is a powerful marketing tool! You can give your audience unique brand experiences and establish emotional resonance around your brand values.

Generate attention and traffic
VR is perceived as an extraordinary experience! It can help you attract interest, generate traffic, and improve the overall shopping experience.

Turn shoppers into buyers 
VR is superior to any other media when it comes to creating emotional engagement. You can increase likelihood-to-buy by creating emotional preference for your products at the point of sale.


This stylish fasion brand use VR in their flagship stores to give extraordinary brand experiences and turn shoppers into buyers.


Key considerations
How to successfully implement VR experiences in retail stores.

1. Keep content short and intuitive
In busy environments you should keep your VR experience short and intuitive. It should be suitable for first-time users of VR and the use of interactivity should be limited.

2. Make it easy for your staff
Aim for a solution that minimizes the efforts required from your staff to support the users and manage the hardware.

3. An appealing and secure staging
The presentation of your VR experience should be visually appealing and match the design of your store. We advise that your audience is allowed to sit down during the VR experience.

4. Think scalability
If you plan to produce new content over time, or scale up to more locations, we recommend a CMS platform through which you can manage your content and track view-counts over time.

5. Enable the side-effects
Retail VR experiences should be supported with local advertizing and social media activities to raise further awareness! VR has also proven very capable of attracting press coverage.


Plug&Play VR has generated more than 75.000 immersive experiences at CVS, where visitors can virtually explore sights and attractions in the city.

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