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Plug&Play VR

About the concept

Plug&Play VR is designed to help brands, businesses, retailers and exhibitors exploit the full potentials of virtual reality. Our objective is to reduce distribution costs and effectively bring virtual experience to mass audiences!

It is easy to mount into existing stands and interior allowing you to turn anything(!) into a VR kiosk! It operates unmanned and requires no tech skills from onsite staff. This increases your distribution options, boosting your reach and reducing cost-per-view. Significantly!

Why Oculus Go?

The vast majority of commercial VR projects is based on 360 films or inteactive experiences with gaze navigation (3 DOF VR). In this category Oculus Go has proven to be a reliable device, that offers great value for money! Hence, we decided to build the first Plug&Play VR solution around this device, but we plan to launch solution for other devices, incl. 6 DOF VR devices in 2019.

We are not associated with Oculus but we can help source and install devices for you. In this case our general terms will apply.

Whats in the box?


Mount the charging plate, connect the Micro USB and put on the protective cover.

Mount Plug&Play

onto your device

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You can build Plug&Play VR into your existing stands or interior!  It is easy to mount with screws or you can use a pad lock for temporary installations. 

Mount the alarm base and activate it

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Use your own app, or use ours!  We offer different 360 video player solutions and can help you build custom UX app's.  Instructions for applying kiosk settings will be supplied.

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Install app/video and 

apply kiosk settings


Kiosk compatible apps

  • If you have an app, we can easily install that. Just make sure that all interactions are gaze-based and that the app always starts in the main menu space, also after the device has been in sleep mode. And don't forget to include a view counter!

  • If you have one 360 film, we can help you install a simple and free-to-use video-player app, that ensures your film starts automatically. 

  • If you have several 360 films, we can install a platform based app, and setup a CMS through which you can upload and change content over time.

  • If you need a custom app with the visuals, animations and functionalities you desire, our consultants are ready to advise you. 


If you are unsure what the right approach for you is, please do not hesitate to contact us for advise.


Plug&Play VR Mounting instructions


Kiosk settings on Oculus Go (disabling controller)

Script for Samsung VR


Graphics for supporting materials

(user instructions)

We are always open for new partnerships, reseller arrangements and business ventures. If you see any synergies, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



agencies & 360


Mount kit

Install your own devices and content

A Plug&Play VR mount-kit can easily be wrapped around your Oculus Go device. Mounting instructions and kiosk-setting instructions will be supplied.

Briller mount kit.108.jpg

Plug&Play VR mount kit

  • Alarm base with key lock

  • 3 m cable

  • Build-in charging

  • Silicone cover (black)

  • Custom foil sticker for front cover


Excluding VAT and shipping

€ 489,-

Ready to play

Includes Oculus Go + content installation

Send us your 360˚ film or app apk, and we return a  ready-to-play VR kiosk! It is easy to mount onto your existing interior or stands! Sourcing and installation of an Oculus Go VR device is included! 


Ready-to-play Plug&Play VR

  • Plug&Play VR mount kit

  • Oculus Go VR device*

  • App or 360 film installation

  • Kiosk mode settings/app


Excluding VAT and shipping

From € 989,-

Oculus Go included*

* VRPRO are not official resellers of Oculus VR devices, but we can help you source devices at market price.   

Stands & staging

Custom VR stands and staging solutions

Let our creatives design the ideal VR kiosk/stand for your project! We make it blend in or stand out while ensuring it effectively promotes your campaign! 

Plug&Play VR podium

  • Ready to play VR setup

  • Painted podium 30x30x90 cm

  • Branding in laser-cut acrylics

  • User instructions under a transparent lid


Price example 

Excluding VAT and shipping

From € 2.250,-

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