Streamlining the distribution of virtual experiences

Plug & Play VR is a kiosk solution for Oculus Go designed to help brands, marketers, museums and filmmakers exploit the full potential of virtual reality.

Boost your reach and

reduce cost-per-view.

It operates 24-7 through built-in smart charging

Kiosk mode settings means no staff support is required

Easy to mount and un-mount for temporary installations

Features a protective cover and integrated alarm

Branded with your logo and colours

Design your own devices!

Get the cover in a color of your choice and your own logo/graphics on

the front!


A marketer's guide to virtual reality

​Download our pdf to learn more about the potentials of VR in marketing. It contains an overview of VR's unique capabilities, a list of common pitfalls, a framework for concept development and a step-by-step guide that will take you from idea to execution.


Where to use

Improve customer experience, build emotional engagement and stimulate demand at the point-of-sale.

Retail & POS VR 

Brand & customer experiences

Generate traffic and stand out from your competitors.  VR helps you leave a lasting impression.

Events & tradeshows

Turn 1m2 into a whole world

Immerse your visitors into the stories and information you are communicating. 

In a fun and engaging way.

Exhibitions & showrooms

Impress your audiences

Draw attention and give your audience extraordinary experiences

-  wherever you meet them!

Public promotions

Deliver your message with impact



Mount kit

Briller mount kit.108.jpg


Excluding VAT and shipping

€ 499,-

Install your own devices and content

A Plug&Play VR mount-kit can easily be wrapped around your Oculus Go device. Mounting instructions and kiosk-setting instructions will be supplied.

Ready-to-play VR

Includes Oculus Go + content installation

Send us your 360˚ film or app apk, and we return a  ready-to-play VR kiosk! It is easy to mount onto existing interior. Sourcing and installation of an Oculus Go VR device is included! 


Excluding VAT and shipping

 € 899,-

Oculus Go included*

pakke til samling 4.5.png

* VRPRO are not official resellers of Oculus VR devices, but we can help you source devices at market price.   We charge a fee for installation and assembly.

Stands & staging


Custom VR stands and staging solutions

Let our creatives design the ideal VR kiosk/stand for your project! We make it blend in or stand out while ensuring it effectively promotes your campaign! 

VR podium (example)

  • Ready to play VR setup

  • Painted podium 30x30x90 cm

  • Branding in laser-cut acrylics

  • Storage space under the lid for safe transportation 

Price example 

Excluding VAT and shipping

From € 2.250,-


Selected cases

Locals' Guide to Copenhagen 

Copenhagen Visitor Service

6x  Plug&Play VR stations

4x Cinematic 360 films 

1x Interactive app 

VR views generated




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About us


Making an impact with virtual technologies

We are an award-winning agency, specialized in virtual reality marketing, retail and customer experience.  We produce cinematic 360 films, VR app's and end-to-end VR projects, where Plug&Play VR effectively generate views and impact!

With Plug&Play VR we hope to help brands and businesses exploit the full potentials of VR , and give VR agencies and filmmakers a way to effectively distribute their creations! 

If you need information, sparring or advise on how virtual reality  can be used in your context, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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